About Stimufol

LH Content

LH content of commercially available extracted FSH products based on published literature is illustrated below.

LH Content Lowest to HIghest

Meet the Stimufol Manufacturing Team!

Left to Right: Prof. Jean Francois Beckers, Dr.Melo de Sousa Noelita, Dr.Lucas Fosting, Glaude Benoit, Dr.Jose Sulon, Dr. Benoit Remy.

Stimufol is a defined and controlled follicle stimulating hormone developed by Professor Jean-Francois Beckers, University of Liege, Belgium, Reproduction Physiology Group. First developed in 1989, Dr. Beckers partnered with Merial to commercialize Stimufol. However, Merial's interest in marketing this product was limited to Belgium and France whereas other FSH products developed around the same time were commercialized globally.

Dose Regime

A twice daily decreasing dose regime with a luteolytic dose of prostaglandin administered in conjunction with the 6th FSH injection is recommended
with Stimufol.

Dose Ranges: Please note Stimufol Solution once reconstituted is 50 µg /ml

Beef Cows: 320 µg-500 µg
Beef Heifers: 280 µg - 320 µg
Dairy Heifers: 350 µg
Dairy Cows: 400 µg -500 µg


Consistent Efficacy

Stimufol was carried out at UNCEIA (France) between July 1993 and July 1995. The results are summarized in the table below. Of particular interest in this retrospective assessment is that 96.4 % of all donors started were collected.

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